...Artist Dossier

  • María Carolina Barros Sánchez

    Born in 1962 in Santiago de Chile, Designer Graduated with Highest Distinction in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, He studied drawing, watercolor and engraving techniques at the same university.
    He was Professor of the Professional Institute Duoc PUC giving workshops Design, Colorand, graphical representation for a decade.
    He has attended at paint workshops: Benito Rojo, Cristán Abelli and Andres Baldwin.
    Honors and Awards participation in national and international competitions.
    In his career he has served on both Group and Solo Exhibitions. He participated as a Free Artist in Taller 99 between 2007 and 2010, and the Annual Workshop Tutorial Bloc 2014.
    Residencia En Art Print Residence Barcelona año Junio 2016.

    2011 HONOR MENTION 3rd PLACE OF XXXVI SALON OF National Painting Vina del Mar Chile. October November Galeria Casino Vina del sea.
    2010 Biennale Internazionale per L'incisione Selection, 2011. PremioAcqui Piedmont Italy.
    2008 13Ê PREMI EL Caliú. International Print Award Selection Girona Spain.
    2007 from the natural to the artificial Winter Hall School Dentistry University of Chile.
    2005 FIRST PRIX. Chilean fruit in art. ASOEX.
    1999 BELEN 2000 1st MENSION Category Professional- Chile.
    1996 Watercolour Ricardo Adwanter.Selected -Chile.
    1996 Expoarte Talca. Selected Chile.
    1995 Faber Castell . Selected . Bellas Artes National Museum of Chile.
    2016 Territorio Restringido, Galeria AMS Marlborough, Santiago de Chile.
    2012 Landscape In Transit, Ana María Stagno AMS Marlborough Gallery, Santiago Chile.
    2005 Telluric landscape, Equestrian Club Cachagua - Chile.
    2002 Landscape and Lemon, Cachagua- Equestrian Club. Chile
    1998 SOBREMESA ( AFTERS ), Gallery Patricia Ready-Ex Contemporary Art.
    2018 "Chaco en la Calle" November Restaurante Brunapoli.
    2018 "Insólita Colección" Pabellón de las Bellas Artes UCA Buenos Aires Curada por Ernesto Muñoz.
    2018 KM 100 Requinoa Chile.
    2015 Naturaleza Muerta. Galería AMS Marlborough Santiago de Chile.
    2014 Open Workshop Bloc and Bloc Final Chaco. Santiago de Chile.
    2012 HE SEASONS. Taller 99. Andino Museum, Vina Santa Rita, Santiago Chile. A la Maison du Chili Espace Height- 46 Rue Saint Antoine - 75004. Paris.
    2011 10th Biennale Internazionale Per Lìncisione. Alessandria Acqui Prize 2011 - Italy.
    2010 A LA MESA CON NEMESIO. Collective Itinerant Engraving Workshop 99: Room Scuola Italiana. April 2010.
    The Frank Museum of Art / OTTERBEIN University. Sep- November 2010 - Ohio USA.
    FAB Gallery. University of Missouri (March 2011)
    Centro de Extensión Universidad de Talca – Talca
    Main Art Gallery, The Works (April - May 2011)
    Teatro del Lago, Frutillar-Chile (September 2011)
    2010 EXPOVERANO 2010 Santo Domingo, (painting and engraving)
    2005 Urban Art. Matta home than Chile.
    2002 Collective of Engraving Art Borde Rio Chile. com
    2001 Hotel Costa de Montemar. Vina del Mar Chile
    2000 MAC (Contemporanean art Museum) Events
    2000 RodeoRancaguaand May 21 Yathing Algarrobo- Chile.
    2000 Contemporary Art Museum. MAC "Chile Art. com Club de Golf Las Brisas-Chile Santo Domingo 2000 Spring flowers and fruits. Ciudad Empresarial Chile.
    1995-96Around the table. Praxis Gallery - Chile