...Artist Dossier

Territorio Restringido .......... For some time the territory of My artistic work is the business that is installed on the edge of our urban boundary; Area where disappears the "Natural Landscape"; which contains our city.

My last works want to represent and record particular perceptions of this transformation process.

Both warning screens as construction debris thrown in these facilities they are used as matrices woodcuts sometimes as veils and other protagonists of the work.

These debris found, are recorded by the traces left by chance, and they are transferred to the fabric become a permanent document the power of human labor deployed in this activity.

My visual strategy is the representation of the landscape, decoding photographic shots

with an austere painting, which never hides the process.

In this natural landscape is the presence in the foreground the action of the city and its geometry, in contrast to the silent presence of the native landscape.

Carolina Barros March 2016